Women's Carbon Flex VX Kneeskin Openback Dark Grey

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The Carbon Flex is the newest addition to Arena's best-selling Carbon Series. Arena now offers swimmers diverse options in fit and flexibility whilst maintaining the unique benefits of the world's most innovative racing and compression technology.

The Carbon Flex uses the new patented V-Flex System, which includes taped and bonded external rear seams to provide maximum range of motion and freedom of movement around the hips, glutes and shoulders. Anatomically placed anchor points and high-strength elastic tapes create tension lines along the back of the upper legs that provide a lifting effect, helping swimmers improve body position and alleviate drag and resistance from fatigued legs.

The Carbon Flex retains the Carbon Pro's Carbon cage eliminating any trade-off between compression and freedom of movement, the Flex delivers power and comfort simultaneously, without compromising either. With its seamless two-panel construction and strategic placement of seams on the hips and thighs, the suit gives compression without constriction, giving the swimmer both support and control, reducing muscle stress during the race, and improving glide thanks to the lightweight fabric with its inherent durability and strength. The Seam placement creates a “flexline” across the hip flexors, offering less resistance during hip flexion on starts, turns, and breaststroke kicks. The system delivers complete freedom of movement around the hips, glutes, and shoulders, along with perfect fit and comfort.

The Carbon Flex suit is slightly longer in the torso and leg, providing greater body coverage and reinforcing the effects of Intelligent Compression.

So which suit is best for the new Flex or the Carbon Pro?

Carbon Pro – sprinters, freestyle and butterfly specialists

Carbon-Flex – breaststroke, backstroke and mid-long distance freestyle swimmers, as well as short course with its frequent turns

FINA Approved

"Please note – Arena Europe suits may not be eligible for USA competition due to logo restrictions.”