Men's Powerskin Jammer Carbon Core FX Diamond LE Blue - Diamond

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The New Arena Men's Limited Edition Carbon Core Powerskin Jammer in Blue Diamond feature the latest improvements and updates that were recently added to the Carbon Flex VX.

These Carbon Core jammers provide intense compression and this oxygenates the key muscle groups you use during your race. The Carbon Cage technology features horizontal and vertical bands which lock on to the body. The Core racing suits are going to appeal to sprinters for their high level of compression and range of motion.

Un système de taping interne procure une sensation de soutien puissant et de stabilisation du noyau.

Ces bloqueurs de course sont dotés d'une nouvelle structure à double bande à l'arrière des jambes, offrant un effet de levage qui vous aide à maintenir une position haute du corps même en cas de fatigue, ce qui donne une hauteur de hanches maximale dans l'eau.

Caractéristiques :

• Internal taping system: for a sensation of powerful support and core stabilization.
• Twin-tape structure: on the back of the legs for a lifting effect.
• Carbon Cage fabric: a horizontal and vertical grid that surrounds specific muscle groups for very strong and durable all over muscle compression with a locked-in feel.
• Internal drawstring
• FINA Approved for competition use

52% Polyamide 47% Elastane 1% Carbon Fiber