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- Two different whistle tones+SOS mode selectable by user - Easy to use : operated by single hand - Hand grip strap design for easiler grip on hand. - Addition color ring and lanyard provided (To replacement of hand grip strap if not in use.) - Special design metal-tubing to reach 125dB+/-5dB loudness. - Handy & Hygienic without blowing the whistle - Suitable for all sporting events - SOS mode: Give out S-O-S Morse code automaticall when emergency situations whom indangous and need help. - Multi-propose use suitable for: Referee, Coaches, Traveler, Adventurer, Guides, Cheerleaders,Lifeguards, Teachers, Traffic Guides, Dog Trainer…
AAA battery. Is not included in a kit, should be purchased separately.


silicone, abs plastic, stainless steel