Pro-Swim Run Pro Wetsuit Black / Flame Scarlet Mens

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The inability for competitors to change their kit during events drives the need for a suit to be flexible, buoyant, quick drying and thermoregulated and the Swim Run Pro Wetsuit certainly delivers all of these factors.

This suit provides buoyancy and speed through the water, abrasion resistance during transitions, flexibility through the hips and legs and ventilation via the long zip at the front for cooling on the run.

Technical Specifications of the suit:
- Large front and rear pockets to hold race essentials.
- Yamamoto SCS coated Neoprene for flexibility, durability and speed through the water.
- Yamamoto 45CELL 1.5MM shoulder and underarm panels for unrivalled swimming flexibility.
- 8mm upper body buoyancy inserts for the increased balance and greater distance with each swimming stroke.
- Flex Hip and Pelvis Panels for flexibility on the run.
- Long front zip which is easily accessible for increased ventilation.
- Whistle which is added for extra safety.

Your 2XU performance swimming wetsuit is supported with a warranty on both
manufacture and materials for two years from date of purchase from 2XU or an
authorized 2XU retail partner. Where allowed by law, the 2XU Warranty for
wetsuits does not apply to purchases from unauthorized sellers, including
unauthorized Internet sites.

2XU Warranty on wetsuits is 24 months from the date of purchase from 2XU or
an authorized 2XU retail partner.

Wetsuit Warranty becomes void if you have not followed the care instructions
provided by any of the following means:

1. you have exposed the suit to chlorine;
2. you have exposed the suit to extreme heat and direct sunshine;
3. you have exposed the suit to prolonged bacteria and other harsh
abrasive substances such as Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline, Paw Paw ointment etc)

2XU will not repair or replace items that have clear physical stress such as
rips and split seams, or where there is clear evidence of inadequate care or

We have the right to inspect claimed damages to suits and decide on outcome
and cause of damage.

If we find the suit to be faulty at the fault of the customer, 2XU
will not pay for suit repairs