Women's Powerskin Carbon Core FX OB 50th Anniversary Black-Gold

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Arena have revamped their most compressive tech suit in sleek black and gold in honour of their fiftieth birthday. Their Black & Gold Open Back Powerskin Carbon-Core FX is a FINA-approved women’s kneeskin made for power and performance.

Featuring the latest technology, the Core FX creates the sensation of maximum strength. The suit provides intense compression and this oxygenates the specific muscle groups you use during your race. The Carbon Cage technology features horizontal and vertical bands which lock on to the body.  The parallel lines of dual taping on the back of the legs maintain your horizontal, lifted position in the water.  An absolute bonus when you are tired!  The internal taping system also provides increased core stability and powerful support.

Key Features:

• Internal taping system: for a sensation of powerful support and core stabilization.
• Twin-tape structure: on the back of the legs for a lifting effect to help hold a high body position even when fatigued. For maximum hip-height in the water.
• Carbon Cage fabric: a horizontal and vertical grid that surrounds specific muscle groups for very strong and durable all over muscle compression with a locked-in feel.